LigerWays Firmware

Embedded Ligers

Likewise for the hardware, LigerWays provides a modular approach to build your firmware. In practice, it simplifies the firmware preparation making it even more trivial that the regular programming for "big" computers, servers and stations. Normally embedded systems need embedded C programmers with special skills, debuggers and long long cycle of the development. Ligers walk another ways.

First of all, LigerWays offers standard firmware for the device that you build from its modules. Each module has its own "driver", when you order it, the system automatically builds the entire set of the code and you may download it in both source codes and OTA-ready binary form. The firmware is fully functional and compatible with LigerWays applications.

Google Blockly is the method to implement custom logic for LigerWays based devices. Even if you don't know any programming languages and don't want to study programming, you can describe your device functionality in the form of simple interconnected blocks. LigerWays framework converts it into the executable form and runs on the device.

Lua scripting is available for LigerWays devices. If you need a dynamic code launch and writing of simple scripts instead of complex C coding - no problem. We ran Lua interpreter on the CPU module and provided main interfaces to it. If you're a high level programmer with no or limited embedded experience, it is not a problem. You may continue using what you normally use. Even on so tiny microcontroller.

True C programming is still available for LigerWays. Moreover, we created a fully functional operating system to simplify your work. If you need a really complex functions, full access to the hardware and deep customization, if you do your own LigerWays-compatible modules and have proper skills and experience, you have the generic firmware in the open sources plus all the power of true embedded operating system with minimum own footprint and convenient set of primitives.

Working with LigerWays you don't spend time for extra coding!

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