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Tiny units for production-ready devices assembly

About The Solution

The LigerWays is a set of tiny cross-compatible building blocks that let you build your device from ready to use elements by just clicking one module to another. It is similar to Lego style, you just choose what you need, get the set of required units and connect it without and wiring, soldering or screwing, just a connector to a connector.
It is very similar to Arduino, Raspberry or just a PC style when you attach additional shields or boards... except LigerWays is IoT, wearables and automation oriented, therefore the units are really tiny (less than 1 square inch) and can be used for the final production grade device, not just for the prototyping.

You don't need to hire PCB developers, manufacture custom PCBs, debug it and port the firmware. Just select modules that you need, click it and flash the firmare that is compiled using the same modular approach. You can make your device by yourself in a minute.

Home automation Now the way to the true smart home is fully open. You can convert almost any traditional device to a smart one. Just build the Liger and attach it to a light switch, power outlet, sensors, pumps and whatever else you want to automate. You can choose any convenient equipment and implement any logic that you like. It is fully yours.

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Wearables. Tiny LigerWays modules are ideal for custom wearable devices. Based on ultra low energy technology they work for years without a coin-size battery replacement. Now you can make your own wearable electronics without any platform-related restrictions, just choose blocks that you need. And yes, it is about medical devices also.

Industrial automation. Convert your old equipment to a smart digital modern one. With LigerWays you don't need to make it as a long high cost project. No custom equipment, no years of programming, just append your apparatus with a small unit built by yourself from extremely miniature blocks. You may be sure, it will fit any size enclosure and work even if you cannot connect an external power.

Communication. LigerWays is Bluetooth Low Energy enabled out of the box. Each and every LigerWays device can be connected to a smartphone or a gateway using a set of standard BLE characteristics. If you need a persistent cloud connection, you may select WiFi or even cellular module that will be only powered up when necessary and spend as low battery charge as it principally possible.

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Feel free to ask for units not being listed here
CPU module
Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 based MCU that drives all LigerWays stack
Battery module
CR2032 battery module that powers autonomous LigerWays devices
External peripherals control module
Unit that controls external relays. Supplied with 4-channel bi-stable relays plugin to control up to 4 high power devices
Sensors module
Controls various of digital and analog sensors, including temperature and humidity
WiFi module
ESP8266 based WiFi unit for cloud connectivity
USB power module
Powers the entire LigerWays device from the regular USB type C plug

Our News

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Aug 31, 2021

LigerWays is now ready for production

We have a first set of modules from the factory and ready for distribution.
We also start mass production of the basic set of our modules

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