LigerWays for IoT

IoT Ligers

LigerWays is designed for the Internet of Things.

It is the easiest way to make regular things connected. LigerWays devices are tiny, autonomous and simply connectable. You could take almost anything, attach it to your LigerWays assembly and get it fully compatible to the apps and cloud.

Sensors make the feedback from whatever you attached. From door/window sensors and up to leakage or outdoor humidity - everything will be simply reported right out of the box.

Drive controls operates with external relays, motors, locks or latches... or whatever you want even water or gas tap or pump engine. You may do your plumbing system smart in ten minutes without any third party controllers or professional assistance.

And the main thing, you can make your own IoT devices, produce it in a mass and earn on it. Just implement your ideas easily.

LigerWays is to help you implement your ideas with no stress

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